My Cats Loves Cozy Hiding Places.

One aspect of environmental enrichment that is often misunderstood or overlooked is the need for the cat to have hiding places. Cats loves cozy hiding places, and they’re always seeking out new spots to nap. You should not get too worried if your kitty disappear for a while, she may have found a new secret hiding place where she can enjoy some privacy. If your cat misses mealtime or doesn’t respond to the rattle of her favorite toy after a couple of tries, she could be stuck somewhere or hiding out because she’s sick. That’s your clue to start scouring the house.

Cat hiding places can be created with things you already have around the house. Pay attention to whether your cat prefers to nap in an elevated location or on a mid-level as that will help you in terms of where to place the cozy napping hideaway. Here are some common hiding spots:

  • Behind doors
  • Inside boxes or bags
  • In the bathtub
  • In the spaces behind the drawer and the back panel of a chest of drawers
  • Under a dining table or a chair
  • On top of a cabinet or tall piece of furniture
  • Behind the toilet especially on a hot day
  • Inside a reclining chair mechanism
  • Under or behind large pieces of furniture, such as beds, sofas, armoires, and chests of drawers
  • Inside cabinets
  • Inside low drawers, especially those con-taining clothing or linens
  • Behind curtains
  • Under blankets or bedclothes
  • Under pillows on the bed or sofa


Providing your cat with safe, suitable places to relax will assist in minimizing the chance they will find a place of their own. This is even more important in multi-pet families. Some hiding places can be dangerous. Always check inside the clothes dryer and other large appliances before closing the door and inside a reclining chair mechanism or sofa bed before closing it. If your cat goes outdoors in cold weather, always knock on the hood before start­ing the car; cats will sometimes crawl up into the engine compartment for warmth.

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