Choosing The Right Cat Collar

Cat Collar

A cat owner’s need to purchase a cat collar for their furry pets often for 2 reasons. First, use and acts as a way of showing ownership and second being a form of decoration for their pets. Other reason of wearing a collar maybe simply to let people know that the cat is owned. A cat collar can also provide the owner the vehicle for an ID tag and it provides the owner a peace of mind in the event their cat become lost.

The wide variety of collars available today let you make a fashion statement to fit your cat’s personality. Collars come in an extensive variety of colors and patterns. Nylon webbing is a popular material for cat collars, other choices include leather,vinyl, cotton, hemp, and elastic. Although the design and colour may be important for most cat owners, the important thing is to ensure the cat collar fits comfortably.

No matter which material you choose for your cat’s collar, the collar should fit around your cat’s neck snugly.  Allowing enough room to comfortably slip two fingers underneath. Your cat is a naturally curious animal, they like to investigate. Many cat owners may not realize hanging attachment from the collar can be hazardous for the cat in the event the attachments get snagged on fences and branches.

Cat bells on collars may seem like nothing more than a decorative feature. Most owners does not know that the little cat bells that are on most cat collars actually serve a purpose. Cats are notorious bird chasers and they can move very stealthily. The bell prevents the cat from being able to sneak up on birds and also help cat owners keep track of their cats.

Breakaway collars are considered to be the safest type of collar for cats. Such safety collars are strongly recommended as these collars allows cat to free themselves quickly if they gets stuck on a tree branch to avoid strangulation. Cats may scratch at the collar initially feeling foreign, they should adjust to it gradually over time. Check your cat’s collar on a regular basis. Your cat may lose or gain weight as she gets older. If collar is hanging loosely around her neck or seems to be squeezing her neck, take it off and make the necessary readjustment.

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