Communicating With Your Cat

Cats are known for their emotional opaqueness and standoffishness compared with dogs. Most owners may think their pets don’t seem interested in communicating with them, as long as the food arrives on time.

It is not too soon to speak with your cat, even it is your first day together. care. You will strengthen your bond between you and your cat when your start talking to her. Although Kitty lacks the muscle coordination to speak your language, she can learn to understand your words, just as you can learn her body signals for what she is trying to express. As long as you are consistent and using the same word, she will pick up these vocabulary  in no time.

You can start by beginning with some of these words

  1. Her name – Say it often; coo it, whisper it, and singsong it. Watch her perk up when she hears it. Test her by calling from a distance see if she comes.
  2. A name for you – Use your actual name, a nickname, Mama, even Me. Point to her and say her name; point to yourself and say yours. Introduce other humans and animals this way, too.
  3. No – The concept of no as meaning “stop” or “don’t,” and actually obeying it are different. You will need a lot of patience to get both aspects across. When your cat misbehaves, say, “[Name], no!” sharply while immediately interrupting or removing her from her wrongdoing. She will probably want to go back to what she did. Stop her as necessary, repeating, “No!” In time, she will catch on.
  4. Good – Tell your cat she’s good if she licks you or initiates other positive things, and when she purrs. She will associate good with her pleasing you or feeling pleased herself.
  5. Bad – Only when your cat has begun to master good should bad be introduced: “No!Bad [name],” saying bad as witheringly as you can. Continue to use good in positive situations. She will begin to realize it’s her choice whether to be bad or good.
  6. Sit – When your cat sits, say, “Good sit.” Also, try gently pressing her rump down into a sitting position, saying, “Sit.” If she sits and holds the position, say, “Good sit!” Ask her to sit while she is standing. Praise her when she obeys: “Good sit.”
  7. Food – When you feed your cat, hold up the can/package and say, “Food!” As she eats, say, “Good food.” Say, “Food!” to call her to eat.
  8. Bedtime – When you go to bed, announce, “[Your name] bedtime.” Eventually, hearing “Bedtime!” may bring your pet running ahead of you to bed!
  9. Please and 10. Thank you – Don’t laugh! These serve a purpose: Use please to signal a request. When she obeys, say thank you, indicating she has accomplished your desire.

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