Correcting Improper Behaviour

improper behaviour

How do you correct your cat improper behaviour when she is doing something bad? Though every cat is unique and may have specific issues or specific bad behaviors. Remember to always keep our human emotions in check. Physically or verbally reprimanding your cat is one of the least successful ways to correct your cat’s bad behavior. Instead, use feline language.

How do you display displeasure or anger? You can say things like “No!” or “Stop it!” in a loud and firm voice. If your cat becomes too rough in a play session, yell, ‘ouch’ and walk away. He will soon connect his roughness with the curtailment of an enjoyable play session. When you see your cat stretching his claws on a scratching post, praise and reward him. When the cat play with you without using his claws or teeth, praise and reward him. You give treats, attention and praise when your cat behaves so that the good behavior is reinforced.

There are many ways to redirect improper behaviour. If your cat or kitten misbehaves, simply ignore him for a little while. Provide him with attention and affection after he’s learned his mistakes. An important part of training your cat is rewarding good behavior and discouraging bad behavior. Making certain he does not have access to the “bad” thing when you are not around. This is part of conditioning the cat into appropriate behaviour. Cat’s behavior problems can be an indication that your cat is experiencing a health issue.

Should you work away from home, you might want to confine the cat in a room. This make certain he does not have access to the object of his inappropriate behaviour. When you are home, keep an eye on him. Praise and rewards if  he try to do the “right” thing. Through consistency, repetition, praise and guidance are keys to success for replacing the wrong behaviour with right ones.

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