Day to Day Patterns of Behaviour

pattern of behaviour

As your cats settles in with you, she will start to recognize key household activities in your daily routine. Her reactions to your daily activities may depend on weather they are likely to disturb her or not. if you are simply going out for a while, your cat will probably be totally unfazed and just keep on sleeping

  1. Anything that involves loud noise is likely to draw a swift response from your cat, as they normally prefer quiet surroundings. She will soon recognize when you are about to vacuum around the room or turning on the hair dryer to blow your hair, and beats a retreat.
  2. With kittens, gradual exposure to sights and sounds will be beneficial in helping them become less-reactive and fearful as adults. Simply seeing the vacuum cleaner may cause your cat to get up and head off to another part of the house.
  3. Cats will often appear at your feet when you are cooking, in the hope of being given a treat. Keep an eye on them, you don’t want them to jump up and burn their feet on the hob or there’s nothing on display there or on other high shelves that can be damaged or knocked off.

Your behaviour will influence that of your cat, and over time a daily routine will developed. ¬†Anything that is food related may arouse your cat curiosity such as bags of food brought back from the shopping trip. These routines may be influence by the cat’s innate curiosity.

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