Going Outdoor For The First Time


As cat owners, we face similar feelings of worry and caution. So when we decide it’s time to let them explore outside, we should take steps to make it easier for us to relax. It is best to keep your new kitten indoors at all times for the first two or three days after his arrival. After that, the simple training that involves accustoming him to more of the world around him can begin.

Choose a dry day and a quiet time when you can accompany your kitten outside, allowing it to explore the new environment. Excitements, such as other cats, dogs which might bark or children screaming in the neighbor’s garden, are best avoided for the first couple of excursions, so that your kitten can concentrate on you and isn’t spooked.

Let your kitten out into the garden or backyard under your careful supervision. Check your garden is safe for him to explore and there are no hidden dangers, such as uncovered ponds or toxic plants – and if you can fix mesh, preferably of the stout plastic kind used for climbing plants, along the top of walls and fences to inhibit escape attempts and possible disappearance, which might happen before he has completely adopted his new home. Once your kitten is fully settled in, such defenses can be removed from your garden. Supervise your kitten’s first outdoor trips by staying in the garden with him. It is a good idea to schedule these trips for just before mealtimes, so that when you both return indoors he has something to look forward to. In addition, to reinforce his appreciation of the joy of being indoor again, give her a small treat or two.

If you plan to keep your kitten indoors, make sure he has lots of toys. Also, make time to play with him yourself every day as indoor cats need lots of stimulation and opportunities to perform activities they would usually enjoy outside.

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