Interesting “Tell Tail” Signs

Cat tail signs

A typical cat’s tail has twenty to twenty four bones. The position of a cat’s tail can give you insight into your feline’s mood. It offers clues about what kind of behavior to expect from your cat. The flexible tail helps a cat balance, it is also an important communication tool. One of the best ways to get insight into your feline friend’s mood is to look at her tail.

What Your Cat Tail is Telling You

A quiver in an upright tail: This can indicate anticipation, generally of a positive kind; many cats use this gesture when they expect to be fed imminently.

A full, erect tail: Often coupled with hair standing on end all over the cat’s body, this tail positioning  signals aggression. He is making himself as large and threatening as possible. An angry cat will also wave the enlarged tail to make it seem even more enormous to an enemy.

A horizontal, sharply twitching or whipping tail: The cat is feeling frustrated or annoyed by another cat. If you admonish your cat, for example, he may not talk back vocally, but twitching tail will give away his displeasure. A submissive cat, threatened by an aggressor will thump at his tail.

A wagging tail:  This is a softer gesture, and is done such as while listening to music or to indulgently provide an object of play for a kitten; the entire tail may move. or just the tip.

An extended tail, or a tail wrapped closely around the body: This is performed while sitting or sleeping, or when the cat feels threatened by another animal, or even the vacuum cleaner.

A tail held to the side: Called the lordosis position, a female cat in heat, crouching low, may position her tail this way.

Tail sniffing: Cats sniff and even taste the base of each other’s tails, where scent glands are located to confirm each others identity. This can be an aggressive gesture, an invitation to play, or a simple “hello” greeting. cat may even present his rear end to you, expecting you to appreciate his presence. Greeting him pleasantly by name will usually satisfy his urge to check that you know who he is!

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