Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy

indoor cat

Many cat owners are starting to be aware of the dangers of allowing a cat to free roam. Keeping your cat in-house will help keep them away from busy roads. These days, it has increasingly become common for cats to be kept entirely indoors. Indoor environments can become predictable and boring, leading to stress, inactivity and obesity. Cats living indoor requires constructive activities to fall back on. Boredom can leads to cat undesirable behavior. Some examples: excessive meowing, peeing outside the litter box and furniture scratching.

There are some things you could do on ensuring your indoor cat remains entertained and happy.

  • Place perches on window sills to allow your cat to enjoy the sun and watch the outside world.
  • Indulge in your cat’s natural instinct to prey and hunt by providing appropriate toys. These could include toy mice, ping pong balls, wand type toys. Keep a good supply of toys on hand.
  • Cats love to hide, by giving it  a cardboard boxes or two or a paper bag to play with and hide in. Cardboard boxes are cheap, easy to obtain and will provide your cat with hours of fun.
  • Make daily time to play with your cat. Interactive play allow cat to enjoy a greater degree of intellectual stimulation. This will provide them with aerobic activity and encourage exercises.
  • Cat are climber by nature. Provide your cat with a cat tree to allow them to indulge in climbing. This cat tree can double up as a place to sharpen their claws.
  • Cats are fascinated with fishes swimming in aquariums. Consider purchasing a fish tank to keep your feline amused. Make sure this is a tank which your cat will not be able to easily knock over or climb into. Fish keeping does require time and effort. On the upside, your cat and you will be entertained for hours watching the beautiful fish.

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