Playing Ball With Your Cat

Cats enjoy playing ball as much as dogs. using their remarkable coordination for this purpose. Ball games provides a great way to establish a bond with your cat, and encourage  your cat to take exercise. irrespective of their age, all cats generally enjoy this type of fun activity. A very simple ball game can provide hours of entertainment. Some cats enjoy fetching with crumpled paper ball or ping-pong balls.

Some cats will take to playing fetch right away and will require very little training to retrieve their favorite toy or ball. Cats which retrieve are really training the owner to join in and to throw the toy; the cat then brings it back to start again. Fetching is simply an extension of a natural feline behaviour – cats will carry prey back to a place of safety to eat it or to give to their kittens. Cats which enjoy retrieving often do so with great enthusiasm. A cat which lives indoors needs exercise and stimulation. Such game of fetch  provides this and nurtures a bond between cat and yourself.

  1. For a simple start, just roll the ball across a level surface to get your cat’s attention. At first they may just watch from a distance rather than actively chasing the ball.
  2. Before long, your cat will happily chase after the ball and pounce on it. Some cats crouch down and like to ambush the ball as it rolls past them
  3. Cat is likely to start playing the game by herself once she is used to the ball. Partly in the hope that you can be persuaded to join in the game.


The right ball – Choose a suitable ball for your cat, make sure that it is lightweight and cannot cause her injury. Kitten will prefer to play with smaller size ball. As they grow, you can then introduce bigger ones. Some cats will enjoy the challenge of working out how to access the food hidden in a ball or maze. Such is an example a foraging box

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