Reasons Why Cat Vomit

cat vomiting

It is known that cat vomit more easily than most other animals and they do so for different reasons. Some cats seem to do so almost at their own will, at times for no apparent reason. Hairballs are the most common trigger, these happen from your cat grooming themselves and swallowing the hair, which is normal. Apart from that, there are many other reasons why your cat may vomit. Sometimes, vomit is not a cause for concern particularly if your cat ingest their food so quickly that their stomach cannot handle it. This cause the food to be vomited back up a few minutes later mostly undigested, a pretty common reason why cats vomit.

Cat may vomit undigested food immediately after eating and then eat it back again. Mother cats may vomit food to give their kittens a predigested meal. This is a natural instinct, and not a red flag that she has gastrointestinal parasites. You’ll know by watching your cat whether her retching is cause for concern. She will look anxious, salivate, and swallow repeatedly. She may pace, or come to you for reassurance and comfort. Call your vet if food is not the reason for your cat’s vomiting. Watch out for these warning signs that intestinal parasites, or worse, may be the cause:

• Persistent vomiting

• Sporadic vomiting over a period of days or weeks

• Vomiting blood

• Vomiting feces (sign of intestinal obstruction or abdominal trauma)

• Projectile vomiting

• Vomiting foreign objects

If you’ve got just one cat but she’s a gobbler, you may need to split her meals into smaller portions and feed her more often so the food doesn’t come right back up.

If yours is a multi-cat household, you feed from a communal dish, and your kitties tend to vomit post meal, some cats may be overeating. Separate your kitties at feeding time, serve individual portions, and dish out smaller meals. Another option is to feed your kitties in separate areas or rooms so they can’t see or hear the others eat. It is rather better to close the door behind each kitty. This is because it won’t take long for your gobbler to figure out where the rest of the bowls are if he can still get to them.

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