Types Of Treats For Cats


Treats is an excellent motivator for cats during training as a tasty token of affection.  At around 8 to 10 weeks of age, kittens are old enough to eat solid foods exclusively. They can have a treat or two as a reward for good behaviour. You can find out what taste your cat prefers (fish, chicken, beef, vegetable) through trial and error. Unlike most dogs, who will  basically eat what is in front of them as long as it does not run away, cats tend to be finicky. They let you know what they like.

Dental treats: These snacks work double-duty, removing plaque and cleaning your kitty’s pearly white while rewarding her with a treat.

Low-cal snacks: If you tend to dole out treats generously, opt for a low calorie treat.

Hairball remedy treats: Nothing is really as good as hairball formula cat food, regular doses of Petromalt and regular grooming sessions, but if your cat suffers from hairballs, these treats may offer a supplement to your hairball prevention routine.

Catnip: Catnip is available in flakes, treats, or grass forms. You can fill an interactive toy with catnip flakes. Or purchase stuffed toys that are filled with these substance.

Semimoist and chewy treats: Semimoist and chewy treats are easy on cats with dental issues.

Meat treats: You can purchase meat treats, or portion small bites of “people” meat (Chicken, beef) that is not seasoned.

Joint health treats: This type of treat provides your cat with chondroitin and glucosamine which help maintain healthy joints. They’re a good choice for older cats that suffer from joint stiffness and arthritis.

All natural yummy: Tuna flakes, cats grasses, lactose-free milk, and other low-cal treats are healthy for your cat.

There is nothing wrong with treating your cat, but don’t simply give your kitty treats when he begs you for them, because this will only lead to your little guy following you around and constantly begging for treats. Treat your furry buddy when he behaves well or performs a desired behaviour. Keep treats to 5 percent of your cat’s total food intake, especially if your cat need to drop some weight.

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