Teaching Your Cat To Hi 5

This “Hi 5” trick can be taught most easily to young kittens, because they tend to learn more easily than older cats. You need to be watchful that in her exuberance, your cat does not inadvertently scratch you. Cats, particularly kitten, can easily get over excited in this type of game. Keep you  pet’s training sessions short but repeat the lesson frequently

  1. It is vital to have your cat’s full attention when teaching this trick, so choose a quiet spot in your home where there won’t be any distractions.
  2. Hold your palm up and wave your fingers gently and slowly near your kitten’s face. If you do it too fast, she is likely to strike out harder with her paw than you want
  3. When your kitten put up her paw, touch it gently with your outstretched palm. Don’t forget to say ‘Hi FIVE’and have a treat handy to give her afterwards.

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