The Landmark Of Kittenhood

landmark of kittenhood

It is endless fascinating watching a kitten grow during stages of kittenhood.  The trouble is that the whole process often seems be over in a flash. It is always reassuring to know what to expect in regards to your kitten’s development: if he is reaching his milestones on time and progressing well. Here are the stages to watch out for and when they are likely to happen.

The First Several Weeks

The newborn kittens spend nearly all of their time on their bellies, their heads pressed against the ground. They don’t have the strength to stand. Kittens start to tread on the mother’s breasts almost immediately after birth. For the first few weeks, small  domestic newborn felines gain about 90 grams in weight per week.

Eyelids are open by two weeks and smell develops by three. Hearing, teeth and the ability to walk develop by four. In week five, the physical skills of domestic kittens have progressed to the point where their play exhibits all of the energy and techniques of the hunt, complete with high-speed chases and pouncing. Around this time, if the mother is allowed to go outdoors, she may bring home dead prey to present to the litter. A kitten can leave his mother when he is six to seven weeks old but no earlier. A better time for this separation is 8 to 12 weeks when he is fully weaned.

Your Kitten’s Development
7-20 days Eyes open, develop its sense of smell
15-21 days Crawl and wobbles around
21-25 days Stands & starts to walk. Kittens’ first teeth emerge
3-4 weeks Weaning begins. You should begin toilet training the kitten.
4-5 weeks Learns to groom himself and play.
6-8 weeks Kittens start to run, jump and climb with frenetic intensity.
8 weeks Fully weaned. All milk teeth are present
12 weeks Eye colour changes to its permanent shade
12-18 weeks Permanent teeth start to appear
24 weeks The kitten is completely independent of his mother

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