Traveling With Your Kitten

Most cats hate traveling in the cars. The noise and the sudden change of direction affect their orientation.  The unfamiliar experience of the scenery beyond the windows moving by extraordinarily quickly are unsettling for cats.  By setting and accustoming them to the experience in the correct way, ensure her comfort and taking care of her needs while traveling will creates a strong trust bond.

Begin traveling with your kitten when she is about three months old. There is no such thing as starting to make preparations too early when travelling with your kitten. Prepare the carrier in advance of the trip and wipe it out with a wet cloth to remove dust and smells. Leave the door open for a few weeks and some soft bedding inside so she can explore it thoroughly. If necessary, place one of your own unwashed garments, such as shirt or a towel, in the carrier. This makes the kitten reassured by the presence of your familiar scent. When the day comes, keep her carrier in the front seat with the seat belt to hold it in place beside you. Offer your fingers through the holes to reassure her that you are close by.

Always make the first journey with your kitten, one that involves visiting the vet for his first vaccinations. Take your kitten on brief drives in the early weeks, and it will grow up not fearing car rides. The kitten has must not be let outdoor during the ride until after the second round of vaccine.

Before the journey, do not feed her in case he becomes upset and vomits. But do take water, fill the drip-feed water bottle in case he becomes thirsty. Once home, take the carrier inside, open the door and let the kitten come out in his own time. It’s a good idea to have a dish of food treats and some fresh water immediately available and give her lots of attention.

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